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Birkenstock Repair

We repair all kinds of men’s and women’s sandals. Birkenstocks are a specialty and we are an Authorized Birkenstock repair shop. I wear them for work and play so I understand the attachment people get to their Birkenstocks. 

Repairing Birkenstock Soles

The most common repair for Birks is resoling. We carry Birkenstock soling material in brown, black and white. We can resoling material large enough to repair any size sandal. 

A nice addition to the standard Birkenstock sole is a pair of heel taps or toe taps. These are pieces of better wearing material that we splice into the heel area or toe to extend the life of the sole. Heel taps are more common than toes. It depends on your wear pattern and personal preference. 

We always reseal the cork to finish off the repair.  If you want a more aggressive tread on your sandal we carry Vibram soles and materials that will make a great high traction sole for your Birkenstock.

Replacement Footbed Liner

If the footbed liner is looking or smelling bad I can replace the suede liner with either a new suede liner or a smooth leather liner. I also carry new cork footbeds in sizes up to 48. When rebuilding your Birkenstocks with a new footbeds the soles are also replaced. The only original part of the shoe is the nicely formed straps that took so long to get comfortable in the first place. 


When replacing the footbeds the size can be changed a little if your foot has changed or the straps have stretch too much. If the cork is excessively worn at the toe or heel area I can usually mend it without replacing the entire footbed. 


I have a heat moldable cork material that can replace the worn area like new. If you find that you are really hard on the exposed cork, I have leather and rubber bumpers that I can wrap the toe and heel areas  to protect them. It makes the sandal look more dressy when done in a coordinating color.

Replacement Birkenstock Parts

We carry a good selection of buckles and rivets so we can replace your parts with original Birkenstock hardware. I have leather and suede in a lot of colors so we can lengthen your straps if you have one foot a little different than the other. We can also install lifts in your Birkenstock if you have a leg length discrepancy  or if you need more heel height.

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