Custom Leather

We have the materials, equipment and talent to make or modify your personal leather accessories so they are exactly what you want. 

In a cookie cutter world, its hard to find a place that will take your ideas and make them happen for you. This is the mission of our Leather Crafting business. We have an ever growing selection of leather and hardware to make cases, sheaths and belts. Come see us or contact us with your ideas. We can talk them over and make some sketches to help bring them to life.

Most of the belts you buy in stores today are no more than cardboard covered in a little leather or plastic. We've been making leather belts for several years and offer high quality, solid leather belt in any length you would like. We have belt blanks in lengths up to 83 inches and widths of 3/4”,1”,1 1/4”, 1 1/2” and 1 3/4”and can make them in any width you would like. 

We have an ever growing selection of great belt buckles and hardware to personalize your belt. Tooling the leather offers a limitless way to customize your belt. We can carve or stamp letters into the leather to spell your name,profession or just make a statement. We can carve and tool pictures into the leather to depict a pet, sport or something that's just you.