Purse & Luggage Repair

Purse & Luggage Repair

We have many repairs that can be done to purses, nap sacks, bags, briefcases and luggage. The most common repair we see is mending the straps. Whether the strap has come unsewn or ripped away from the bag, we can repair it without a trace. We have patching leather and thread in many colors and shades to match your bag. We also carry purse strapping in several widths and colors if the strap needs to be replaced.

Hardware Replacement

On briefcases and larger purses, the hardware that connects the strap to the bag sometimes breaks or comes loose. We have an ever growing selection of replacement hardware or techniques to repair these problems. We can also shorten straps on your bag so that it hangs at the correct length. Bring the bag in and we’ll determine a proper length strap for you and make it happen.

Leather Zipper Repair

Zipper repairs are very common with purses and luggage. Most zippers after a while won’t stay closed. In most cases this is because the slider is bent or worn out. We have sliders in many styles, colors and sizes. Sometimes the zipper tears out of the bag from being overloaded. My sewing machine can get into the tightest compartment and stitch it like new. When the zipper is worn and can’t be mended, we can replace it. We have zippers in many sizes, lengths and colors to match your bag. Whether it’s a small wallet or a huge hockey bag, we have skills and materials to make the repair.

Repairing Leather Tears

Rips and patching are very common repairs. We have many different color threads and patching leather to make your bag look like new. Seams that have come unraveled can be realigned and stitched back together without a trace. When these rips are not on a seam, we can use a patch to close the tear. Usually these patches are installed behind the tear and are not visible. When this is not practical we can select a piece of matching leather and fashion it so that it blends with the surrounding area. This is usually how we repair the bottom corners of purses and briefcases. I call it camouflage!

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