Women's Shoe Repair

We have materials, equipment and talent to work on everything from the finest leather pump to the most beautiful pair of boots.

Replacing the Heel on Women's Shoes

The most common repair on women’s shoes is replacing the toplifts. The toplifts are the wear surfaces on the bottom of the heel. I carry a full line of toplifting materials to match what is on the shoe. Lowering heels is a common repair. How much a heel can be lowered depends on the shoe. Bring them in and we can decide what will work best for you and I will make it happen. We have a great line of Vibram rubber soling materials in a wide range of styles and colors to go with whatever shoe you bring in. We can also convert a rubber sole to leather as in a dance shoe or leather sole to rubber for better durability.

Keeping your heels in a good state of repair is important for the look of the shoe and more importantly your posture. 

Your feet are the foundation for the rest of your body column. Wearing shoes with worn out heels puts stress on the ankles, knees, hips, and lower back. With today's shoes not all heels are separate components of the sole.

Many shoes are built with one piece unit sole, but that doesn’t mean the whole sole needs to be replaced if just the heel area is worn. We have materials and adhesives to splice a new heel into the unit sole. Sole and heel replacements should always be done in pair. Even though one shoe might not show the same signs of wear it won’t be far behind.

Replacing the Linings in Women's Shoes

The linings of the shoe or boot can be repaired.The back of the heel lining often get worn from the heel moving against it over time. The worn area can be replaced with a new piece of leather and stitched in like new. This not only makes the shoe more comfortable, but it prevents further damage from ruining the shoe. 

Sock liners are another common repair. The sock liner or insole as they are also known as gets wear spots along its length and can be removed and replaced with a fresh leather sock liner. Usually these two repairs are done in pairs to keep the feel of the shoe the same.

Repairing Tears and Elastics

Seams will unravel, leather tears, and eyelets will pull out. We can fix these problems. I have many different colored threads and a great selection of patching leather to repair rips and tears. We work hard to hide our work so the threads and patching we install blend with the rest of the shoe. 

I know you don’t want to wear a shoe with an ugly repair job. Lace hooks, eyelets, elastics, and velcro can also be repaired or replaced. I have a great selection of zippers and know how to install them like new. We do a great job taking in boot shafts for women with small calves that don’t fit the boot properly. We can also install leather or elastic gussets when a boot shaft is too tight.

The bottom line is... If you have a pair of shoes in need of repair bring them into my shop. We will go over the options and come up with a price so you can make a good decision about the repairs. 


“If the shoe fits...repair it”