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About Mike's Shoe Shop

Mike’s Shoe Shop in Scarborough, Maine has been providing repair services to the surrounding communities for over twenty years. We repair many different items with our primary business being shoe repair. 

Mike Lentz
Owner & Cobbler

My name is Michael Lentz and this is my business. I’ve been fixing things since I was old enough to take things apart and put them back together. This might have been a lawn mower, bike, watch or something else unfortunate enough to be in front of me when the mood struck. Sometimes, I’d be able to get them back together, and other times not. I’ve improved remarkably since then.


This is a family business so I’ve been exposed to repairing from the beginning. I remember helping my Dad around the house and with the cars until I was old enough to go with him to the shoe shop. That is how I learned the trade. I started working regularly there during high school. I remember the first thing my Dad had me do was clean the shop. I think that was the first time the floor had been swept since it opened in 1923. It takes a couple of years to learn the basic skills of the trade and a lifetime to perfect them.


After graduating from University of Southern Maine, I decided that I wanted to be an engineer. A few years later, I got laid off...Ouch...and discovered my true calling. Here I am 22 years later and my repair business is thriving. I love my business, enjoy my work, and I hope it shows when you come into my shop!