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    Rocker soles are similar to a sole lift in that the shoe is elevated. With rocker soles both shoes are lifted 13mm to 17mm. The forefoot of the sole is shaped to let the foot roll forward as the knee bends while walking. This controls the motion of the forefoot and ankle to minimize discomfort. This modification is called for when there is limited motion and or pain in the ankle and midfoot. Sometimes the rocker soles are made rigid for additional control of the midfoot while walking. I recommend tie shoes for rocker soles. They provide better lateral support than slip-ons or sandals. You need to be able to walk confidently without worrying about falling off your shoes. I use a rigid EVA foam on my rocker soles which is available in several colors to help blend with the shoe. I do a pretty good job blending the rocker soles with the shoe but my talents and your expectations can be another matter! In the end though the purpose of this modification is to reduce pain.

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